Forte: Vocals

The kinda face that you wanna notice first as she walks in, she's that asian that'll get your affection while you wanna get her attention. Fine as the toughness of her grind as the frontman of the band, she's totally a sight so fine you might wanna rewind.

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Forte: Sequencers, Keys, Backing Vocals

The kinda charisma and leadership you need to dry-age the band into perfection like it was beef. Sprinkling out pitch perfect expertise like it was salt to the kinda beef we're speaking about; might wanna make you wanna pair our band with  a piece of  dry-aged beef; the kind that's got quality which you might kill for the quantity. The kinda magic you get from his touch on anything with keys and arrangement.

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Forte: Bass guitar, Backing Vocals

"If the whole mix was a Pizza, Ima be the sauce” That'll be persistently on repeat when you get The Rabit started about his  perception and affection towards his role in the Band. Seeing himself as the sauce and the music as Pizza; The Rabit formulates his recipe in saucing out the sauciness through lyrics and basslines; and occasionally, backing vocals.

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Forte: Drums

What bonds with beats better that Marlond?, relationship with beat goes beyond literate with this guy. Beating beats with such a force that The Force may be with you. Nothing rookie about this wookie.

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